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TO Milan, in the elegant Via Giorgio Washington, 56, hosts a gem of the palate, the Borgia Restaurant. A location imbued with the heritage of the Borgia family, with Edoardo at the helm as General Manager, who brings an international and innovative vision, fusing the rich Italian tradition with the global trends of the moment.
Entering Borgia, you are enveloped in a design environment, enriched by elements of art that surround the view and cozy sofas that outline the space, creating private and reserved niches. 

Here, the culinary proposal, led byChef Giacomo Lovato, is an expression of profound respect for the raw material, of a courageous and unconventional vision. A cuisine rooted in the territory, but always ready to look beyond, with eco-sustainability as a key point. Thanks to innovative techniques and the "no waste" philosophy, Borgia ensures a gastronomic experience that enhances authenticity and minimizes waste.

And then there is the wine. Borgia boasts a selection that speaks of passion, respect for traditions and craftsmanship. Wines that are the result of the careful care of small winemakers, where human intervention is minimal, respecting the true gifts of the earth.

The other side of Borgia Milano is called  AS33,  and it is the ideal place to start the day with a pleasant breakfast or to delight in a lunch with a unique flavour. As night falls, AS transforms, with talented mixologists ready to surprise with innovative cocktails, perfectly paired with a selection of tapas.
A fusion of flavours, between classicism and experimentation.


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