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The chef

In the heart of Milan, among the streets intoxicated with history and modernity, Giacomo Lovato has marked his path as a culinary artist. His education at the Istituto Alberghiero laid a solid foundation, but it was honing his skills at the ALMA school in Colorno that shaped his vision.

Working alongside figures such as Carlo Cracco and Claudio Sadler has added nuance to his approach, allowing him to embrace innovation while remaining rooted in tradition. From these masters he learned the value of precision and the importance of each ingredient.

From Borgia, this vision comes to life. Here, each dish speaks of a link between past and present, between Italian heritage and global influences. The room echoes with the stories that Giacomo wants to tell: tales of lands, seasons and expert hands.

The Borgia experience is not limited to the palate. It is an immersion in a story that begins in the Italian countryside, passes through the culinary art schools and arrives directly at your table. And while the flavors evolve and the dishes change, the common thread remains: Giacomo's inexhaustible passion and curiosity, his dedication to carrying on a culinary heritage, renewing it and making it contemporary. An invitation, therefore, not only to eat, but to experience a story of taste and traditionion.

Cremoso all'alloro, sedano rapa al forno, crumble salato, sorbetto all'arancia e spuma all
Cavolfiore (9)
Torta Barozzi (2)
Zucca (6)
Topinambur (2)
Tagliolini cotti in brodo di trota affumicata, cipolla, uova di trota e cerfoglio
Salmerino (4)
Risotto (3)
Quaglia (4)
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