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The Psyche Menu: A Thin Thread between Flavor and Psyche

From Borgia, a culinary experience emerges that goes beyond simple tasting: the "Psyche" menu, fruit of the visionary genius of Edoardo Borgia and brought to the table with the mastery of chef Giacomo Lovato.

This menu does not stop at aesthetics or the pleasure of taste. It's a deep exploration, a journey into the mind through food. Edoardo, with his avant-garde vision, understood how food can become an introspection tool, a lens through which to examine desires, memories and emotions.

Each course of "Psyche" is like a chapter of a mysterious book, revealed step by step. Based on the responses provided by guests, Chef Lovato personalizes the experience, creating a culinary journey that resonates with each other's emotions and personal experiences.

On this journey, the lines between reality and fantasy blur. Chef Lovato's creativity merges with Edoardo's vision, creating dishes that are not just delights for the palate, but gustatory enigmas that invite reflection.

Immersed in the sophisticated atmosphere of Borgia, diners are invited to let go, to allow each bite to take them to a hidden corner of the mind, reawakening memories, stimulating curiosity and bringing the very essence of the psyche closer.

And it is here, between the glitter of the cutlery and the murmur of the glasses, that the adventure of "Psyche" comes to life: a menu that cannot be forgotten, a journey that continues well beyond the last course.

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