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The unexpected element of modern Milan.

The periodic table, that vast compendium of elements that make up our universe, offers structure and logic to chaos. At number 33, we find arsenic, a mysterious and compelling element, just like our AS33. Not a random choice, but a reminder of the distinctive and unique character of our space.

Just as in chemistry, where each element has its place and function, AS33 fits into the fabric of Milan with a well-defined identity. In the morning, the aromas of fresh coffee meld in the air, awakenin
g the senses and kicking off an effervescent day. At lunch, dishes are alchemical combinations of flavor and tradition, while in the evening, the atmosphere is charged with energy, with mixologists who, like true alchemists, transform simple ingredients into extraordinary cocktails.

AS33's design is a modern interpretation of a laboratory: clean lines, art and bright lights But instead of glassware and reagents, you'll find cocktail glasses and plates made for you to experience moments of pleasure and serenity.
And just like arsenic, which in small doses can have healing properties, AS33 offers a healthy and revitalizing break from the hectic pace of the city.

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